The most valuable assets of a person are their health and intelligence, and as they enter old age, elderly people experience signs of aging that affect their daily life and activities. To help the elderly control diseases well and improve their quality of life, the provincial healthcare sector has organized a health check-up campaign at commune, ward, and town health stations.

Young doctors’ association provides free medical examination and medication for elderly people in Bau Bang district

Free health check-up

At 5 am, Mrs. Nguyen Hai Tho (80 years old) in Dat Cuoc commune, Bac Tan Uyen district, took advantage of waking up early, having breakfast to prepare to go to the commune health station for free general health check-up. Previously, whenever she went for a medical examination, Mrs. Tho had to ask her children and grandchildren to take her to the district Health Center, but now she goes alone and invites some other elderly people to go together. Not only Mrs. Tho, but many elderly people in the commune are also excited to go to the health station and wait in line for their turn to see the doctor.

Around 8:30 am, Mrs. Tho has completed all the tests (blood test, ultrasound, blood pressure measurement) by the doctors. The examination results showed that Mrs. Tho does not have high blood pressure or diabetes, but she has a history of joint pain. Mrs. Tho was advised by the doctors to carefully follow the lifestyle, exercise, and visit the nearest medical facility if the condition recurs.

It is known that this is a program of consultation, medical examination, and free medication for the elderly in the area of ​​Dat Cuoc commune, organized by the Bac Tan Uyen District Health Center in coordination with the Health Station and the Red Cross of the commune. At the medical examination session, nearly 400 elderly people in the area of ​​Dat Cuoc commune were comprehensively examined by doctors regarding their health, such as ultrasound, bone density measurement, blood pressure check, and cardiovascular examination to detect some common diseases.

Especially, the elderly are advised by doctors on how to maintain their health, diet, and proper rest to limit common illnesses. In severe cases, doctors refer them to higher-level hospitals for timely treatment. After the medical examination, the elderly are also provided with free medication. In the morning, doctors examined over 100 elderly people and found mainly bone and joint diseases, high blood pressure, blood circulation disorders, fatty liver, and kidney stones. The doctors also provided free treatment and supplements to elderly people with special difficult circumstances.

Doctor Truong Bach Thuy Vinh, Deputy Director of the Bac Tan Uyen District Health Center, said: “Health check-ups for the elderly are regular annual activities and are of great significance to the district. This activity demonstrates the concern and care for the lives of the elderly; creating a favorable environment for the elderly to participate in social activities, improving and enhancing the quality of life.”

Along with Bac Tan Uyen district, which organizes free health check-ups for the elderly, other districts and cities throughout the province also simultaneously implement the plan at 91 commune health stations. The provincial Young Doctors Association, as pioneers, has not hesitated to overcome difficulties and regularly organize free check-ups and medication distribution for the elderly in remote areas of the province.

Diseases controlled to improve quality of life.

With the goal of 100% elderly people, especially elderly people in poor households and near-poor households without health insurance cards, enjoying social assistance policies, the provincial health sector focuses on initial health care, regular health check-ups, and health monitoring records for the elderly.

Free health check-ups for the elderly is one of the meaningful programs of the Young Doctors Association and localities to honor and express gratitude for the contributions of the elderly to society. “Through the program, the medical team aims to raise awareness of society about issues related to the lives and health of the elderly, helping them to be better cared for at home,” said Dr. Pham Thi Tuyet Hong, Deputy Head of the Young Doctors Club in Dau Tieng district.

Currently, the majority of elderly people have subjective psychology and do not pay enough attention to their health. Meanwhile, the ability to recover health in the elderly is very poor, leading to unpredictable situations. Through the initial health examination results for the elderly, descendants will be able to proactively find the best care plan, adjust the diet properly, help the elderly have a healthy lifestyle, contribute to improving the quality of life and longevity.

Dr. Huynh Minh Chin, Deputy Director of the Department of Health, said: “Weakening health is unavoidable in old age. The elderly are prone to respiratory, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal diseases… and even an increased risk of cancer. What is worth mentioning is that these diseases progress silently, and symptoms only manifest when they become severe. Regular health check-ups will help the elderly monitor their health, detect diseases at an early stage, and have the best plan for control and improvement.”

Reported by Kim Ha – Translated by Vi Bao


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